Terms & Conditions


These booking conditions set out the terms and conditions on, and subject to which Events International Limited makes available to you the hospitality package(s) for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (the “Package”).     Please read these booking conditions carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. By asking us to confirm your booking, we are entitled to assume that you have had the opportunity to read and have subsequently read these terms and conditions and agree to them. 

In these booking conditions, “you” and “your” means all persons named on the booking (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date) or any of them, as the context requires and “lead name” means the person who makes the booking. “We”, “us” and “our” means Events International Ltd.  Event Organiser means Glasgow 2014 Limited of Commonwealth House, 32 Albion Street, Glasgow, G1 1LH. 

  1. 1. The Contract

To make a booking for a Package you can book online or contact us over the telephone, by email or by using our booking form.  The person making the booking (the “lead name”) must possess the legal capacity and authority to make the booking and accepts these booking conditions on behalf of your company and/or everyone in your party.  If we accept your booking request we will issue an invoice and a contract will exist between us from the date that we issue the invoice.    

You are prohibited from reselling the Package and shall not offer for sale or resell the event entry tickets separately from the Package.  You agree that you shall abide by all policies and procedures issued or posted by the Event Organiser or venue provider. 

  1. 2. Payment Terms

A deposit of 25%, or any alternative amount advised, is payable on receipt of the invoice to secure the Package. The final balance is payable 60 days prior to the event. Any booking made within 60 days of the event is payable in full on receipt of the invoice.  Should any amounts not be paid by the due date, we will be entitled to treat the Package as being cancelled you, and levy the cancellation charges as set out in Paragraph 7. We shall not dispatch tickets, passes and other documentation relevant to your Package, until all invoices have been paid in full. We reserve the right to add a service charge for payments made by credit card which will be notified to you in the event you choose to pay by this method. 

  1. 3. What is not included in a Package?

All transport arrangements to and from an event, unless specified. All items of a personal nature such as telephone costs, insurance premiums, etc.  We would also wish to advise our customers that the ticket prices, as quoted and invoiced, are in respect of admission only to the relevant venue, there is no other element of supply contained. For the sake of example, the bearer of the ticket will not be entitled to take advantage of any included public transport service which may or may not be in place on the day of the event. 

  1. 4. What is included in the package?

Only the items detailed in the appropriate sales literature, or as further detailed in the invoice. 

  1. 5. Timetable of Events

Whilst timetables are published they unfortunately cannot be guaranteed, and cannot be a condition or form part of a contract and timetables are subject to alteration without notice. 

  1. 6. Changes to arrangements or cancellation by us

Every reasonable effort will be made by us to adhere to advertised and confirmed arrangements, but we reserve the right at our sole discretion to alter, omit, change or cancel your Package should it be found necessary to do so.  We will endeavour to advise you of any changes known at the time of booking and if a major change becomes necessary, we will advise you of the change as soon as possible.   If we are forced to cancel your Package we will, wherever possible, make suitable alternative arrangements.  Except where a major change or cancellation arises from circumstances amounting to force majeure or failure on your part to pay the deposit and/or final balance, or for any other reason beyond our control, we will refund all money you have paid to us.  Where a major change or cancellation arises from circumstances amounting to force majeure we will refund any money we are able to recover from third party suppliers. 

Circumstances amounting to "force majeure" include any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not even with all due care, foresee or forestall such as (by way of example and not by way of limitation) war, threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, industrial disputes, actual or threatened terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, health risks and pandemics, acts of God, unavoidable and unforeseeable technical problems with transport for reasons beyond our control or that of our suppliers, cancellation of the event, actual or potential adverse weather conditions, and any other similar events. 

  1. 7. Changes to arrangements or cancellation by you

Every effort will be made by us to accommodate any changes or alterations requested by you, however, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee. Reduction in numbers will be treated as a cancellation, but only in respect of the number of reduced places. In the event that you are in breach of any obligation under this contract, or have entered into receivership or liquidation, or have become bankrupt or insolvent, then this contract shall be treated as cancelled by you. In all cases, cancellation charges as set out below shall be applied. 

If you cancel the Package for whatever reason, the following “cancellation charges” shall apply:

                More than 60 days prior to the event and before the ‘deposit due’ date as detailed on our invoice: 10% payable.

                More than 60 days prior to the event and after the ‘deposit due’ date as detailed on our invoice: Deposit only payable.

                Within 60 days of the event, in all instances, whether any monies have previously been received or not: 100% payable.

Cancellation must be submitted in writing, by email or by facsimile. 

We strongly recommend you to take out insurance that includes cover against irrecoverable cancellation costs.  Additionally, you will remain responsible for the full amount of your insurance premium and this will not be refunded in the event of your cancellation 

  1. 8. Prices

All prices and arrangements are subject to VAT.  We reserve the right to alter published or confirmed prices at any time prior to the event, to cover increased costs. 

  1. 9. Liability

We shall not be liable for any matter that is beyond our control, and our sole obligation or liability for failure to deliver all or part of the Package shall be limited to the refund of payments received to date. We shall not be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages or for loss or expense directly or indirectly arising from our obligations under this contract.  Except in respect of any death or personal injury caused by the negligence of us or our employees our maximum liability in respect of any claims arising out of an invoice shall be limited to the total amount of that invoice 

We contract with third parties in provision of the Package, which includes obtaining tickets for entry to the event/occasion. Our contract with you shall be subject to and limited in accordance with any terms and conditions of third parties and we are to be regarded as having all benefit of any limitation contained therein. 

  1. 10. Complaints

Any complaints about your Package must be notified to us in writing at the earliest opportunity and as a maximum within 28 days of the complaint arising. 

  1. 11. Special Requests and medical conditions

You must communicate any special requests or requirements (including those relating to any medical condition or disability) to us prior to confirmation of your booking. No guarantee can be given that any special request or requirements can / will be complied with. 

  1. 12. Advertising and promotional material

You must not use or permit the use of any Event Organiser, Commonwealth Games  or Events International trade marks or any other intellectual property belonging to the Event Organiser, Commonwealth Games bodies or Events International on any advertising, publicity or other materials or elsewhere without our prior written consent.  You acknowledge and agree that you will not display any advertising, marketing and other branded materials at any of the games venues unless such activity has been authorized by the Event Organiser.  You agree that you will not undertake any form of ambush marketing.  “Ambush marketing” shall mean any activity, commercial or non-commercial undertaken by a person, whether public or private, which may reasonably imply that the person is associated or affiliated with the Commonwealth Games and/or the Event Organiser.  

  1. 13. Privacy Policy

Events International Limited’s Privacy Policy sets out what information we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it. Our Privacy Policy applies to you in all your dealings with us and you must ensure that others you represent are aware of the content of our Privacy Policy and consent to your acting on their behalf.  Your information is collected when you request information from us, contact us (and vice versa),  make a booking and any other engagement we or our business partners have with you.  We will update your information whenever we can to keep it current, accurate and complete.  To provide the Package and ensure that it runs smoothly, we need to use information such as your name, special needs, dietary requirements, etc. Please be informed that we must pass it to suppliers of the Package and when you make this booking, you consent to this information being passed to the relevant people. 

For the purpose of providing you with the Package we may disclose and process your information outside the UK/EEA. We may collect and process your information for the purposes set out below and in our registration with the Office of the Information Commissioner, and disclose the same to our group companies and the Event Organiser for business purposes and also to companies and our service providers who act as “data processors” on our behalf, or to credit and fraud agencies (some of whom are located outside the UK/EEA). These purposes include administration, service, quality and improvement-related activities, customer care, product innovation and choice, business management, operation and efficiencies, re-organisation/structuring/sale of our business (or group companies), risk assessment/management, security, fraud and crime prevention/detection, monitoring, research and analysis, social media, reviews, advertising and marketing, loyalty programmes, profiling customer purchasing preferences, activities and trends, dispute resolution/litigation, credit checking and debt collection. 

Information (such as health or religion) may be considered “sensitive personal data” under the Data Protection Act 1998. We collect it to provide you with our services, cater to your needs or act in your interest, and we are only prepared to accept sensitive personal data on the condition that we have your positive consent. By booking with us you also agree for your insurers, their agents and medical staff to exchange relevant information and sensitive personal data with us in circumstances where we/they need to act on your behalf or in the interest of passengers or in an emergency.

 If you do not agree to Our Use of Your Information above, we cannot engage/do business with you or accept your booking. 

Using your information, we or the Event Organiser may from time to time contact you with or make available to you (directly or indirectly) information on offers of goods and services, brochures, new products, forthcoming events or competitions. We will assume you agree to e-communications when you make an e-booking or provide us with your email in other situations such as competitions, promotions, prize draws and social media.  You may indicate your preference regarding receiving third party marketing material and contact. If you agree, you will establish new relationships with these third parties and deal with them directly.  If you do not wish to receive such information or would like to change your preference, you have the right to ask in writing not to receive direct marketing material from us. Once properly notified by you, we will take steps to stop using your information in this way. 

 14.  Assignment

We reserve the right to transfer your Package booking to the Event Organiser at any time and if this occurs the contract will continue in full force and effect as if it had been entered into originally between you and the Event Organiser.  In the event that this right is exercised, we will give you written notice to that effect. Upon service of such notice all rights and liabilities arising thereafter shall be adopted by the Event Organiser. 

  1. 15. Third Party Rights

The Event Organiser will have the right to enforce this contract as if it were a party to it. 

  1. 16. Descriptions

In compiling our sales literature and establishing all our arrangements we have relied on the information provided by third parties. Wherever possible these have been verified. However, should you find anything that is not described, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can give it our attention. 

  1. 17. The English Law

If you booked the Package in any jurisdiction other than in Scotland or Northern Ireland (including any booking via the Internet), this contract, and any other claim or dispute arising from or related to this contract, will be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising out of it. If you booked the Package in Scotland, this contract, and any claim or dispute arising from or related to this contract, will be governed by Scottish law and the courts of Scotland shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising out of it. If you booked the Package in Northern Ireland, this contract, and any claim or dispute arising from or related to this contract, will be governed by Northern Irish law and the courts of Northern Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim arising out of it. 

  1. 18. Acceptance

The making of a booking with us, however confirmed, shall be deemed as acceptance by you of the above terms and conditions.